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Alpha Burners

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" Alpha Burners "

The New Generation 'of Graffiti writers !


In English the noun alpha is used as a synonym for "beginning", or "first" (in a series), reflecting its Greek roots.[1]

Burn :

To beat the competition with your style. Also refers to a really good piece, as in one that "burns".


Originally a well-done wildstyle window-down whole car, a burner is a very good piece. Obviously, the reference to a window-down car is not applicable for pieces that are not on trains. A burner is any piece that has good bright colors, good style (often in wildstyle) and seems to "burn" off of the wall.


...are a group of young teenagers ages 15 thru 18 ,all attending the same highschool @" Hip Hop High"

A school for the talented and new generation of style and attitude.The Alpha Burners consists of 5 normal   

          but supernormal potential individuals ,with such skills in the arts .

They all have one thing in common,they love   

GraffitiAerosol Can by Taggin and doing lots of Throw-Ups everywhere.

               This Aerosol Can have unique abilities when used that grants them they're hidden talents of creating a   

               Burner.Thru that certain Burner Piece ,out comes they're abilities which transforms them into who they really  

               are,basicly into Super Heroes with special skills.

                          With guidance from an old man who owns a comic book store, his teachings help them control they're  

                          new found powers and also to show them how to use it for the greater good.

               Basicly ,its a new generation of Super Graffiti Heroes who want to put back the magic into The Art World,and to 

               inspire other kids out there in the game,so hopefully one day " We " can put Art back into the schools.

(The Alpha Burners)

"Just Tag Along !!"

            " BRIGHTER SIDE " The Official Music Video Theme Song :

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