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Alpha Burners

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age 18 ,a senior in highschool ,a full-time model, a full-time pro-photographer who works at Tmz in Hollywood,Ca ,lives alone in beverly hills,overlooking the whole city.At nights he steps aside from working and begins drifting on the hillside curves trying to perfect his drifting ability and awareness.He is the last dragon clan member of the famous yakuza clan , which he has the skills of an assassin ,but use his talent to pursue his hobby in martial arts.His only master is an old man that owns a comic book store.He drives up to the dojo every weekend to train,there he notice a talened kid name Kid Graff who enrolls by the invite from Princess.Actually The Kid and Flick become sparing partners ,from that bonding and learning experience ,they then become good ,close friends and Flick later decides to join forces with him and Kid Graff's crew & The last member of Abc Crew!