...Just " Tag " Along !! 

Alpha Burners

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meet Kid Shonen (the protagonist hero)

16yrs old ,a skater and an athelete who usually is popular with the ladies.The Kid is what people always call him,just from his characteristics on having so much energy and full of life.Like a kid just having fun and like adventures.

The Kid,is a full-time Graffiti Artist,part-time job working on Venice Beach at the Skate Shop.

Designs skateboards and hats for hip hop fans and g-boi's(graffiti artists)out there.At nights ,he hit up the streets to tag and to burn his Throw Ups.Sometimes run into the wrong alley or corner and get into fights.So he runs into this girl,name Princess,she see how troubled he is,and feels for him,either feel sorry for him,either way,shes diggin The Kid.So she invites him to train with her and her Grandpa,The Old Man at his Dojo.He accepts and then his adventure really begins....

Brighter side
Saga (Brighter side)