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Alpha Burners

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...Princess ,a 15yr old aspiring singer and actress want 2 move to Hollywood to pursue her career in art and entertainment...

...Father is " The African King "of Africa

...Mother is " The hard working chinese cook "of China

Spoiled rotten,but hates it .She want to get out into the world and explore to set out on her own adventures instead of being told what to do all the time.So she moves back to the U.s,in Los Angelas,Ca

...She hate it when people give her orders,she considers herself a diva,and a go-getter,she knows she has potential in the art game,so she want to go out and take on the world,see the world and learn from it.So she meet up with The Omega Bombers on the streets of Santa Monica in the dark alleyways,such individuals doing bad,basicly the wrong gang to be involved in.... 

...She is a transfer student,from china who used to live with her mom who is separated with her husband 'The King'...now attending the same school as everyone else with 'Kid Graff and the others @ Hip Hop High

.                                                                                           ..later to have strong feelings for The Kid.She is a pretty tomboy and her   

                                                                                      background is mixed with African American and Chinese American,born in 

                                                                  the United States ,who once lived with her Granpa(the old man) at a early age,now  

                                                moves back in with him 2 go 2 school.She invites The Kid(kid graff) to her grandpa's 

                                                  dojo,he is a private guy but loves business,and owns a Comic Book         

                                                             Store.She is his grand daughter and she has kick ass skills in kung-fu!